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XPay.Life establishes a Bill Payment Ecosystem in India!

A lot has changed in the payment world recently. With a population of over 1.25 billion people who are eagerly participating in Bill Payments using different modes of payments, India is witnessing a revolutionary transformation in the way bills are being paid. If experts are to be believed, this is only a beginning and lots more are in the process to make it conducive for the customers to make Easy Bill Payment Online. Multi-Utility Bill Payment and Recharge form a major component of transaction wherein cash continues to dominate. However, the existing system does not address the demands of rural and urban Indian simultaneously. To serve each and every section of our country, XPay.Life has launched a full spectrum of Bill Payment through Touch Screen Kiosk, Web, Mobile App and POS Device. If customers want to pay an electricity bill, they can Pay Electricity Bill online and offline mediums. They  can choose to go nearby Touch Screen Kiosk and pay using cash or through POS

The Winning Agenda - Bill Payment through Cash & Digital Channels!

India has traditionally been a cash-centric economy, and the contribution of cash for bill payment has witnessed ups and downs in recent years. As per Google – BCG Report, over a period of 5 years from 2005-2010, the rate of decline in cash contribution was 0.8 per cent whereas from 2010-2015, the same metric was at 2.6 percent, indicating a rapid increase in adoption of non-cash instruments such as online payment using net banking, debit and credit card, UPI and wallets. Considering a big picture of customers and their true needs, XPay.Life has launched a platform to pay all the utility bills using Blockchain Secure Payment Gateway through Cash as well as Digital Payment Channels. Defining an economically viable and sustainable model is the major challenge of any payment service providers. In India, where digital payments compete with cash, which has no "visible cost" to the user, XPay.Life has launched multi-utility bill payment via physically installed Touch S

XPay. Life offers Integrated Bill Payment Solutions!

We are living in an era where digital payment has embraced all the innovative solutions such as third-party wallet,  bio-metrics  as an authentication and authorization tool, thanks to ubiquitous connectivity,  bio-metrics , tokenization, cloud computing, and Internet of Things that has made things much easier for the customers to transact and interact with their payment partners. With the rise in the usage of smartphone and internet access, Indian consumers have confirmed their constant connection. From traditional cash/card/cheque model, digital payment has evolved to 'online single channel closed models’ to 'mobile multi-channel’ to 'In-app payments and proximity transactions. As per Google – BCG market study on Digital Payment 2020, bill payments remain the most inconvenient of use-cases to fall under the scope of digital payments. Around 30 billion bills worth USD 103 billion are generated every year, of which, 70% are paid in cash. With the launch of Bha

Hello World! Pay all your Utility Bills with XPay Life!

The recent push towards the digitization of payments in India has created a buzz in the industry and people are adopting the digital methods of payments widely. Right from recharging the DTH , to paying electricity bills, and ordering food, everything is happening in a matter of a few clicks. With an aim to boost cash as well as cashless transactions, XPay Life has launched its Web, Mobile App for IOS and Android , POS Device and Touch Screen Kiosk to pay all the utility bills. Our USP is Multi-Utility Bill Payment via Touch Screen Kiosk that collects cash as well as other digital payment channels also. From XPay Life web, mobile apps and touch screen kiosk, the users can pay their Electricity Bill Payment online , Gas Bill Payment, Water Bill Payment Postpaid, Mobile Bill Payment, Landline Postpaid Bill Payment, Broadband Bill Payment and DTH Bill payment using Blockchain Secure Payment Gateway and their preferred payment channels. XPay Life   is integrated with