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Digital Payment: Rural Vs. Urban areas

“Keep it simple” philosophy is widely accepted and appreciated. That’s why usage of cash is still prevalent in our society as it makes the transaction process too simple. We just need to hand over the amount after the completion of the desired task and leave from the place. No need to take tension of the payment being failed or successful. But, it is evident from the discernible transformation around that Digitization has started manifesting itself in every possible sector and trying to inscribe the concept of cashless economy to the maximum possible extent. But, in spite of the great endeavor, cashless economy is not able to take every area in its grasp. Let’s take a dive into the facts and figures. According to an analytical report  “Digital payment: Surprising trends emerge from rural India”  published in the website of Financial Express, while 44% of urban customers have taken up digital payment channels, rural customers are a distant second, at only 16%. But, it is still