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Settle All Your Utility Bills Online and Save Time

  Online bill payment platforms have revolutionized the bill payment methods. Earlier people had to wait in long anchored queues for hours to pay their bills. They had to skip their lunch hours or sometimes had to take a day off for the payment of bills. The process was really tiresome. Standing under the Sun in a huge crowd of people was not appreciated by anyone. Bill payment companies understood this & to get rid of this situation, many online bill payment platforms came into business. In India, around 70% of the urban population uses smartphones. Out of it, 35-40% do online bill payments. Online bill payment platforms are very quick and efficient. Online HP Gas Cylinder Booking can be easily done using an online bill payment platform like XPay Life. Paying bills online is very beneficial as the customers get instant discounts on almost every bill payment. Many times, customers get a cashback also. After a successful bill payment, an e-receipt is provided to the customers thr

How XPay Life Is Making Bill Payments Easy For Rural India

  Online bill payment platforms have made the lives of urban people a lot easier. No more waiting in long queues. No more time limitations for utility bill payments. Everything can be quickly done with just a few clicks of the fingers. All you need is a reliable online bill payment platform. XPay Life is the best example for it. Its blockchain technology makes it safe and secure as it is resistant to any kind of changes in the stored customer data. Bills can be paid from the comfort of our home just by putting our fingers to work. All this is possible just because of the internet. The internet has made the world a smaller place to live.     The Internet keeps us in touch with our loved ones by audio and video calls. Airtel Prepaid Recharge can be efficiently done using XPay Life. But all these facilities are not properly available in the villages. Many villages of India have seen electricity for the first time recently. Under such circumstances, it will take a huge time for high s

Why Should You Go For Online Modes Of Bill Payments

  With packed schedules, how many people are able to pay bills using the old-school methods of bill payments? Earlier, each bill payment took a minimum 2-3 hours including the time spent during travelling. Now-a-days, it is not possible to waste so much time on such meagre tasks. Waiting in long anchored queues for hours is not acceptable now. To make such tasks easy and less time consuming, numerous online bill payment platforms have come into existence. XPay Life is one of the best electricity bill payment platforms in India. Now-a-days, bill payments can be done quickly by using any QR Code Payment App . But how to choose the best one from the ocean of online bill payment platforms? Customers mainly seek for a platform which provides a high level of security to all the transactions and does the work quickly. XPay Life appropriately fits into this criteria, hence it is a trusted online payment platform used by a huge number of customers. XPay Life is built on the AMBIC Model which ma

XPay Life - A Simple & Secure Platform For All Utility Bill Payments

  Earlier, bill payment procedures were quite a tedious ones. Customers had to stand in long, slow-moving queues for hours. Sometimes, it might have happened with someone that their turn came during lunch hours or at the end of the day. People had to take a day off from their workplace so they could devote the time for bill payments. Rural customer’s case is even worse. They have to travel to the nearby cities to pay their utility bills, which takes a lot of time as well as money. With time, the situations have changed. With increased Internet facilities, these tedious procedures have eased up a lot. They say “Need is the mother of Invention.” & this has proved to be true. Every day, we come across many bill payment applications. Some of them are Indian, while some are foreigners. But how to decide which of them is trustworthy? Increased usage of online payment platforms led to the requirement of safety of the transactions. If a customer is doing Loan EMI Payment online, he would

XPay Life - An Innovative Idea in the Bill Payment Spectrum

  2020 was a difficult year in many aspects, but it also challenged the payments industries to find new solutions to work through the limitations of the pandemic. The constant fear of contracting the disease has led a huge bulk of payers towards the online modes of payments. More than 50% of global customers have used online payment methods during this pandemic. Online payment companies have seen a huge vertical growth in the number of transactions this year. In India also, people preferred using online payment platforms to limit the touch as little as possible. India has numerous payment apps, easily available in urban areas. In more than 50% Indian Stores, you will find an online payment mode. India is better known as the land of agriculture. Around 65% of Indian population lives in rural areas and around 70% of Indian population depends financially on agriculture. Urban customers can easily Pay Water Bill Online , but rural India is untouched from online payment services. Keeping