How XPay Life Is Making Bill Payments Easy For Rural India


Online bill payment platforms have made the lives of urban people a lot easier. No more waiting in long queues. No more time limitations for utility bill payments. Everything can be quickly done with just a few clicks of the fingers. All you need is a reliable online bill payment platform. XPay Life is the best example for it. Its blockchain technology makes it safe and secure as it is resistant to any kind of changes in the stored customer data. Bills can be paid from the comfort of our home just by putting our fingers to work. All this is possible just because of the internet. The internet has made the world a smaller place to live.  


The Internet keeps us in touch with our loved ones by audio and video calls. Airtel Prepaid Recharge can be efficiently done using XPay Life. But all these facilities are not properly available in the villages. Many villages of India have seen electricity for the first time recently. Under such circumstances, it will take a huge time for high speed internet to cover all the villages of India. The government is constantly working hard to achieve the goal. Till then, as an alternative, XPay Life has come up with a vision of mobile vans.

These vans are well-equipped with a Self-service Touch Screen ATP Kiosk, a mini ATM machine and a vending machine. The vending machine is fitted at the rear end of the mobile van and it dispenses sanitary napkins and condoms in the rural areas to promote women and child health hygiene.


These vans visit the assigned villages at regular intervals. Rural customers can do their Tamil Nadu Electricity Board TNEB Electricity Bill Payment Online using the Kiosk kept inside the mobile van. Certain customers need human interaction at all the levels of bill payment because these technologies are new for them and it is hard for them to trust machines with their hard earned money. As per the need of the situation, a bank officer will be present inside the mobile vans to guide the people and solve their queries. 


All the utility bill payments including ICICI Prudential Premium Payment Online can be done using the self-service kiosks. Till date, many mobile vans are deployed in the villages of U.P., Jharkhand, Bihar and Karnataka. XPay Life is continuously striving to deploy as many mobile vans as possible. It aims at serving the rural customers all over India. By the end of 2021, XPay Life is aiming at deploying 1000 mobile vans.


Paying bills using the XPay Life app is very cost effective. Instant discounts are given on almost every bill payment. Online Dish TV Recharge can be done by applying coupons and an instant discount of a considerable amount will be given to you. After the payments, customers can also win coupons and scratch cards which they can redeem during the next transaction. 


The app also has a feature which maintains a track of your recurring bills. It gives a few gentle reminders before the next due date approaches and saves you from missing the due dates. Now, you will be able to pay your Housing Society bills on time. There is no time limitation. You can pay the bill early in the morning as well as in the middle of the night. After a successful payment, an e-receipt is sent to the bill payer through the app notification, message and email. 


XPay Life is continuously working hard to add the latest features in the application and improve the customer experience. 

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