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Online bill payment platforms have revolutionized the bill payment methods. Earlier people had to wait in long anchored queues for hours to pay their bills. They had to skip their lunch hours or sometimes had to take a day off for the payment of bills. The process was really tiresome. Standing under the Sun in a huge crowd of people was not appreciated by anyone. Bill payment companies understood this & to get rid of this situation, many online bill payment platforms came into business.

Utility Bill Payment Online

In India, around 70% of the urban population uses smartphones. Out of it, 35-40% do online bill payments. Online bill payment platforms are very quick and efficient. Online HP Gas Cylinder Booking can be easily done using an online bill payment platform like XPay Life. Paying bills online is very beneficial as the customers get instant discounts on almost every bill payment. Many times, customers get a cashback also. After a successful bill payment, an e-receipt is provided to the customers through message, app notification and email. This aspect increases the trust of customers on online bill payment platforms.

While choosing an online payment platform, people mostly look for a safe and secure platform as it will transact their hard earned money. People are very conscious about their savings. XPay Life fits perfectly into this criteria. The platform is built on the AMBIC Model which is an acronym for Artificial intelligence, Mobility, Blockchain, IoT and Cloud storage. This model makes the platform very sensitive to any sort of changes in the saved customer data. Third parties are not allowed to do any alterations in stored data. During ICICI Insurance Payment, the card or net banking details filled for the payment will not be saved into the app or website for future purpose. This makes sure that the platform is free from any kind of online fraud.

The BSNL Prepaid Recharge can be done using credit card, debit card, UPIs, Net banking, etc. Whenever a bill is paid using XPay Life, the platform keeps a record of monthly recurring bills and gives a few gentle reminders before the next due date approaches. This feature helps the people a lot. Many people forget to pay their utility bills and they have to pay extra charges as late fees. These reminders help them in paying on time.

XPay Life is the only bill payment platform which accepts payment by online as well as offline mode of payment. People are well aware about the online platforms i.e. XPay Life App and Website. Offline modes of bill payments include PoS devices, Self-service Touch Screen ATP Kiosks and mobile vans. The mobile vans can be seen at the fairs or exhibitions. They are mainly deployed in the villages so that rural customers can pay their bills easily.

The mobile vans are well-furnished and have self-service Touch Screen ATP Kiosk, a mini ATM machine and a vending machine at the rear end of the van. The van visits the assigned villages at a regular interval and then villagers can do West BengalElectricity Bill Payment and other utility bill payments without travelling huge distances. The vending machine dispenses sanitary napkins and condoms in the villages to promote women and child health hygiene amongst other things.

If the customer is not comfortable with XPay Life App or website, then they can do Jio Postpaid Bill Payments by using Touch screen ATP Kiosk also. Around 250 ATP Kiosks are installed all over India and XPay Life is constantly working towards installing more Kiosks. Similarly, XPay Life aims at deploying 1000 mobile vans all over India by the end of 2021.

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