Cash or Digital Payment? Well, XPay Life offers both

Why to settle down with one when you can have the best of both worlds! 

Online Payment has spread like a virus and anyone can just hook up online and sort out all things such as shopping, Pay Broadband Bill or any other utility bill payments in just one go. In fact, even a kid can order and pay bill online without much hassle. Thanks to the technology, which has made digital payment much easier and highly secure.

Online and offline Bill payment

Google BCG Report has summarized the reason for more adaptability of Digital Payment among people is the advent of non-bank tech and retail players in the payments arena that has exposed customers to a superior end-to-end customer experience. Customers' expectations from payment channels have changed with many features such as biometric authentication and such more. They have surety to make Secure Landline Bill Payment or any other online payment that will be 100% secure.  

While consumers have exhibited an enthusiastic response towards digital payments, they have also voiced several concerns that act as impediment preventing their shift to and belief in digital payment methods such as habit to use cash, less awareness about the whole process.  

Utility Bill Payment is the most vibrant topic, which has witnessed the wonders of technology and online services. To provide a balance of online as well as offline payment, XPay.Life provides a platform to pay Utility Bill Payment for different billers such as one can make Easy Water Bill Pay online without any hassle. This process has given an ultimate convenience to the consumers by paying the bills in a few minutes without disturbing the daily schedule.

Cash is deeply embedded in the ecosystem that small merchants operate in. Customers especially from rural areas rarely ask to pay digitally and the upstream supply chain also demands payments in cash in rural areas. To ensure universal acceptance is built, XPay.Life is ensuring that options are given to the customers for a gradual transition of cash to digital payment into customers and merchant transaction ecosystems.

XPay.Life facilitates people to pay their utility bills using Touch Screen Kiosk through cash as well as cards. For online medium, it has portal called and mobile app as well, through which people can make online payment. Pay Gas Bill Online or offline, using touch screen kiosk or web or mobile app, as per convenience.

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