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The Success Story Of XPay Life from a Small Dream to a Revolutionary Innovation

An idea starts with a dream, a purpose to bring about a change in the lives of people. For an innovative mind, a problem is never a hurdle but an opportunity to find a solution. XPay Life was born out as a solution to facilitate bill payment and banking facilities to the remotest villages of India. Our country is primarily an agricultural land where 3/4th of geography makes the rural heartland. It is here, that people are devoid of the digital facilities and also the basic amenities of electricity, water, gas and more. When the people of the Indian villages were finding payment of the bills a herculean task that needed traveling to bill collection centers of the billers, it took them their time, fuel and a day’s wage. An article from the popular newspaper The Times Of India cast the light on how XPay Life is catering to this population. Another hurdle that India is facing against the acceptance of digital payment modes is the lack of digital literacy and the high dependency