The Success Story Of XPay Life from a Small Dream to a Revolutionary Innovation

An idea starts with a dream, a purpose to bring about a change in the lives of people. For an innovative mind, a problem is never a hurdle but an opportunity to find a solution. XPay Life was born out as a solution to facilitate bill payment and banking facilities to the remotest villages of India. Our country is primarily an agricultural land where 3/4th of geography makes the rural heartland. It is here, that people are devoid of the digital facilities and also the basic amenities of electricity, water, gas and more. When the people of the Indian villages were finding payment of the bills a herculean task that needed traveling to bill collection centers of the billers, it took them their time, fuel and a day’s wage. An article from the popular newspaper The Times Of India cast the light on how XPay Life is catering to this population.

Another hurdle that India is facing against the acceptance of digital payment modes is the lack of digital literacy and the high dependency of the cash payment. Making India digital meant cutting the cash from the formula which was highly impossible in the rural areas. Hence XPay Life was born as a brainchild of co-founders Mr Rohit Kumar(CEO) and Mr Bohitesh Misra(COO and CTO) as a digital solution that will onboard the villagers to the digital bandwagon. XPay Life is a digital solution that is catering to both online and offline customers with a myriad of payment solutions through the Mobile App, Online Web, Touch-screen ATP Kiosk, PoS machine, and Mobile Van. An article published in the popular newspaper Financial Express about XPay Life reach gives a detailed overview of the deployment of the services in India.

While XPay Life is catering to the tech-savvy urban clan with the Mobile App  (adaptable on both Android and iOS devices) and the online web which facilitates online payment through the popular digital payment modes such as credit/debit card payments, UPI, internet banking, mobile banking, and QR code payments. It is also tapping the huge rural market through the Touch-screen ATP Kiosk, PoS machines, and the Mobile Van. These offline digital solutions are the USP of XPay Life that accepts cash as a digital payment mode along with accepting credit/debit card payment. Thus providing the freedom to choose the payment mode and payment channel by offering full-spectrum payment options to the Indian citizens. Read an exclusive interview with Mr Rohit Kumar( CEO) published in the SME Times.

         "All the payments through the XPay Life is BBPS/NPCI assured"

The technology behind the Innovation is operated on the futuristic cutting edge technologies involving the AMBIC model, acronym of Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Blockchain, IoT and Cloud. The CEO, Mr. Rohit Kumar has authored a detailed article about how these technologies will play as a backbone of digital payment published in popular digital magazine INC42.

While XPay.Life is has tapped the Indian states of Jharkhand, Gujarat, UP, Maharashtra, and Telangana, recently it has bolstered its digital solution footprint across various cities such as Pune, Delhi, Patna, Rajkot, Surat, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur, Chandigarh, Lucknow, and Varanasi. Another successful feat was deploying the XPay Life Kiosks inside the ICICI ATMs in Bangalore that is gaining high customer acceptance. The company is determined to tap into the B2B, B2C, and B2G segments through its myriad digital solutions. As of now, XPayLife App has more than 6000 downloads prior to launch and the XPay.Life will soon be deploying 25,000 bill payment ATP kiosks in this year and 1 lakh kiosks in the coming three years. The story is also published by a number of regional publications like Indore Mirror, Sanjevini and other leading regional newspapers.

The Mobile Van is facilitating banking and bill payment facilities in the rural regions of India. The Mobil Van consists of the ATP kiosks, mini-ATMs, and vending machines. The Van will traverse the path of the rural India and facilities in bill collection and banking facilities that are revolutionizing the bill payment sector. The launch was published in major newspapers like The Hindu Business Line, Money Control, Times Of India and More. Hence garnering the interest from the media and the government sectors where billers are already collaborating with XPay Life in terms of deploying the Mobile Van, PoS machines and Kiosks at the biller’s collection units and facilitating in last-mile-bill collection.

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