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Earlier, bill payment procedures were quite a tedious ones. Customers had to stand in long, slow-moving queues for hours. Sometimes, it might have happened with someone that their turn came during lunch hours or at the end of the day. People had to take a day off from their workplace so they could devote the time for bill payments. Rural customer’s case is even worse. They have to travel to the nearby cities to pay their utility bills, which takes a lot of time as well as money.

With time, the situations have changed. With increased Internet facilities, these tedious procedures have eased up a lot. They say “Need is the mother of Invention.” & this has proved to be true. Every day, we come across many bill payment applications. Some of them are Indian, while some are foreigners. But how to decide which of them is trustworthy? Increased usage of online payment platforms led to the requirement of safety of the transactions. If a customer is doing
Loan EMI Payment online, he would prefer using a safe and secure platform.

XPay Life is an online utility bill payment platform which is built on Blockchain technology. This technology possesses high security levels. It is resistant to any kind of change in stored customer data. XPay Life does not even store any payment details like card details, net banking password and ID, etc. When you enter any card details during Gas Bill Payment Online, the platform will not store any data, hence making it sure that the data is not disclosed to the third party.

XPay Life covers all the spectrums of bill payments including Credit card, Debit card, UPIs, Net banking, etc. It is the only Indian bill payment platform which accepts both cashless as well as cash payments. XPay Life has deployed around 250 Self-service Touch Screen ATP Kiosks in many cities of India. The number is continuously rising. These kiosks accept both types of payments. There is a POS device and a cash box in these kiosks. Online payment can be done by swiping cards in the POS device & the cash box accepts cash payments. A receipt is rolled out from the kiosks for the bill which the customer pays.

The Condition of Urban folks is much better as compared to rural ones. Availability of the Internet has proved very beneficial. The internet connectivity in urban areas is far better than that of villages. Few villages of India have got the facility of electricity just a few months back, now for high-speed internet to reach these areas, it is going to take a lot of time. Once the high-speed internet reaches each and every corner of India, online bill payments will not be a difficult task. Urban folks Pay Broadband Bill online from the comfort of their homes, similarly rural people will also be able to pay bills online without wasting a whole day for this meagre task.

But, till then, a solution was needed. XPay Life has brought a simple & cost effective solution for this problem i.e. The Mobile Van. These vans are well-equipped with Touch Screen ATP Kiosks, a mini ATM machine & a vending machine which dispenses sanitary napkins and condoms in the rural areas. These vans regularly visit the villages to collect bills from the villagers. For Landline Bill Payment, rural customers can use the ATP Kiosks installed inside the Mobile Vans. It is like a door-to-door service for bill payments.

Many households in villages have television but still they do not recharge DTH because they need to visit the service provider’s office for that. Availability of mobile vans allows the villagers to do Online Recharge DTH from the comfort of their homes. Villages are a huge part of Indian Financial System, the exposure of these villages to digitalization can lead to a vertical growth of Indian Finance System. 

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