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Receiving the monthly remuneration through Google Pay is now a usual thing for Ramanuj, who works as a Cook in HSR Layout, Bangalore. For Raman, paying for the multi-utility bills, ordering food from Zomato or Swiggy, or buying groceries from local vendors are just a matter of a few seconds, for which he only needs his smartphone. Shelly takes the cab every day for her college and pays by scanning the QR Code, without checking the wallet. Millions of Indians are following the same trajectory of adopting digital payment and eschewing the need for cash.

Hold on! Wait to know another side of the story as well.

Kritika, from a village of Kanpur withdraws her salary on the first day of her payday, as she needs to pay her electricity bill , house rent and save cash for other monthly expenses. Ram prefers to pay his Gas Bills through cash as it comes with no extra charge, it’s confidential and it cannot be hacked, does not run out of battery, no OTP is required and is acceptable at every place without bothering about the network the problem in his small village of Haryana.

Things are still hazy. Let’s talk with facts and figures.

Quoted by The Hindu, between FY17 and FY19, the number of digital transactions in India shot up by 139 percent to 23,373 million transactions, according to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) data. However, as per Economic Times, still 80% of Rural India is not using digital payment methods as they are more habituated to use cash, not much enlightened about the payment process and simply want to be out of success and failure issues of the payment.  
Ignoring any part of the story won’t do justice for a business which aims to make life simpler of every section of the society. To cater to the needs of people with simplified options, XPay.Life has brought a full spectrum of Utility Bill Payment through Touch Screen Bill Payment Kiosk, Web, Mobile App, POS Device and Mobile ATP Van.

Bill Payment Kiosks deployed at strategic locations facilitates people to pay their major utility bills including electricity, water, gas, mobile, landline, broadband and DTH through cash. Any Time Payment (ATP) Kiosk has a cash acceptor and acknowledges the payment with receipt. Further to this, ATP Kiosk has also integrated POS device through which people can pay their utility bills using their credit and debit cards also. All in one, ATP Kiosk accepts cash as well as digital payment.

For those, who prefer to pay their bills using online portals and mobile apps, XPay.Life offers its web portal called www.xpay.life and XPay.Life IOS and Android Mobile App.
Make your life simpler by paying your bills using XPay.Life.

For mor details visit here: https://www.xpay.life


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