The Success Story Of XPay Life from a Small Dream to a Revolutionary Innovation

An idea starts with a dream, a purpose to bring about a change in the lives of people. For an innovative mind, a problem is never a hurdle but an opportunity to find a solution. XPay Life was born out as a solution to facilitate bill payment and banking facilities to the remotest villages of India. Our country is primarily an agricultural land where 3/4th of geography makes the rural heartland. It is here, that people are devoid of the digital facilities and also the basic amenities of electricity, water, gas and more. When the people of the Indian villages were finding payment of the bills a herculean task that needed traveling to bill collection centers of the billers, it took them their time, fuel and a day’s wage. An article from the popular newspaper The Times Of India cast the light on how XPay Life is catering to this population.

Another hurdle that India is facing against the acceptance of digital payment modes is the lack of digital literacy and the high dependency of the cash…

XPay.Life – Unparalled Multi-Utility Bill Payment Gateway

In the cut throat competitive era, technological giant companies are working hard to discover something unique yet useful. Even the banking system are embracing to produce something that will help in both ways for customers as well as themselves. In this technological race XPay.Life has made its presence on the top by developing such a useful platform that is unmatched and unparalled.

XPay.Life has developed Best Bill payment gateway among numerous online bill payment sites inindia. XPay.Life concentrates on solving the issues that are faced by bill payers and the vendors. Due to such a large population, people are getting frustrated by standing in a long queues of bill payment organizations also it is hectic for the vendors to get the payments. To overcome this issue XPay.Life develops XPay.Life Payment gateway where one can pay all their utility bills through Touch screen kiosks, apps, sites, POS , and ATP Vans.
What type of utility bills one can pay from XPay.Life? Utility itself de…

Digital Payment: Rural Vs. Urban areas

“Keep it simple” philosophy is widely accepted and appreciated. That’s why usage of cash is still prevalent in our society as it makes the transaction process too simple. We just need to hand over the amount after the completion of the desired task and leave from the place. No need to take tension of the payment being failed or successful. But, it is evident from the discernible transformation around that Digitization has started manifesting itself in every possible sector and trying to inscribe the concept of cashless economy to the maximum possible extent.

But, in spite of the great endeavor, cashless economy is not able to take every area in its grasp. Let’s take a dive into the facts and figures. According to an analytical report “Digital payment: Surprising trends emerge from rural India” published in the website of Financial Express, while 44% of urban customers have taken up digital payment channels, rural customers are a distant second, at only 16%. But, it is still believed th…

XPay.Life: Only Platform dedicated solely for Multi-Utility Bill Payment!

Receiving the monthly remuneration through Google Pay is now a usual thing for Ramanuj, who works as a Cook in HSR Layout, Bangalore. For Raman, paying for the multi-utility bills, ordering food from Zomato or Swiggy, or buying groceries from local vendors are just a matter of a few seconds, for which he only needs his smartphone. Shelly takes the cab every day for her college and pays by scanning the QR Code, without checking the wallet. Millions of Indians are following the same trajectory of adopting digital payment and eschewing the need for cash.

Hold on! Wait to know another side of the story as well.
Kritika, from a village of Kanpur withdraws her salary on the first day of her payday, as she needs to pay her electricity bill, house rent and save cash for other monthly expenses. Ram prefers to pay his Gas Bills through cash as it comes with no extra charge, it’s confidential and it cannot be hacked, does not run out of battery, no OTP is required and is acceptable at every place …

Cash or Digital Payment? Well, XPay Life offers both

Why to settle down with one when you can have the best of both worlds! 
Online Payment has spread like a virus and anyone can just hook up online and sort out all things such as shopping, Pay Broadband Bill or any other utility bill payments in just one go. In fact, even a kid can order and pay bill online without much hassle. Thanks to the technology, which has made digital payment much easier and highly secure.

Google BCG Report has summarized the reason for more adaptability of Digital Payment among people is the advent of non-bank tech and retail players in the payments arena that has exposed customers to a superior end-to-end customer experience. Customers' expectations from payment channels have changed with many features such as biometric authentication and such more. They have surety to make Secure Landline Bill Paymentor any other online payment that will be 100% secure.
While consumers have exhibited an enthusiastic response towards digital payments, they have also voiced…

Bill Payment on the Wheels with Mobile ATP Van!

If you are still dreading the idea of queuing up to pay your multi-utility bills such as Electricity Bill Payment, then try to look around for the Mobile Any Time Payment (ATP) Van, deployed by XPay.Life for collecting Multi-Utility Bill Payment, which is making the rounds of your city.

XPay.Life is changing the coined concept of bill payment, which was to wait in a long queue and pay the bills by introducing Multi Utility Bill Payment through Touch Screen Kiosk, Web, Mobile App, POS Device and finally through Mobile ATP Van. A Mobile ATP Van is operated out of a vehicle, usually a van, in which Touch Screen Kiosk is placed inside and the van is accompanied by a person who takes the van to different places, depending upon the footfall of the location and collects the multi-utility bills through Touch Screen Kiosk.
Facilitating the customers with more options to pay their bills, now the Mobile ATP Van will keep visiting the places where demand will be more. Events like outdoor concerts…

Different Payment Channels to make Utility Bill Payment

In collaboration with Bharat Bill Payment System and National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), XPay.Life has introduced a one-stop ecosystem for payment of all utility bills, offering a myriad of ways to make payment considering the certainty, reliability and safety of each transaction through Blockchain Secure Payment Gateway. Consumers can choose the best channel to pay their multi-utility bills through Touch Screen Kiosk, Web, Mobile Apps and POS Device.

XPay.Life has integrated Blockchain based Payment Gateway that focuses on securing the sensitive and confidential information shared by the users throughout the payment process. It ensures security by encrypting data including card details and bank details provided by the user while making the transactions. A payment gateway allows millions of users to make payment/transaction at the same time, without any hassle.
If you are going to make payment for your Electricity Bill and looking for Electricity Bill Payment Site, XPay.Lif…